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Tech Tips

WOT - Everyone should use this! (easy & free safe surfing!)

Surf the Web without Worry!

Keep your PC safe from Viruses & Spyware

Keep your PC and Kids safe on the Web

Easy to Remember and Ultra-Secure Passwords

Recommended Memory (RAM) Minimums for Windows

FREE On-Line File Storage

Little known ways to get more from your Google Mail address

How to Copy a Movie DVD

Dan's Top 10 Useful Freeware of 2009

Good Practices for Safe Downloading

Create Microsoft Word keyboard shortcut


Registry Cleaners

Is your LCD Display resolution too high (everything in Windows is too small and hard to see)?

Save $ on your InkJet printing

Create Microsoft Word macro for pasting unformatted text

My Top Recommended Antivirus Applications

How to download YouTube videos

The "CORRECT" (safe) way to close popup windows

Use the Windows Vista Reliability Monitor

Put the Run command back on the Windows Vista Start Menu

Choose what to do with mp3s in FireFox

How to Disable the AntiVir nag screen

Send and Receive faxes for FREE on the Internet

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

Some of my favorite IPhone/Ipod Touch Apps



VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware

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