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Download YouTube Videos to your PC

YouTube videos are streamed to your browser using Flash.  These Flash videos can be downloaded to your PC for playing offline, burned to a DVD for playing in a DVD player on your TV, or any other reason you may have.  This Tech Tip applies to YouTube, but may also work with other similar sites.

Downloading YouTube videos to your PC will require 2 basic steps:

1 - Download the Video from YouTube (or other video hosting website):

The file can be downloaded by pasting the URL (the website address) into an application like YouTube Downloader.

If you don't want to install any software, the website KeepVid will download the file to your PC for you also.

2 - The download you just made will be in a Flash Video (FLV) format.  Videos in this format cannot be natively played with Windows Media player, so this is how you can access these files:

You can play FLV files with a program that supports these type of files, like GOM Media Player.

The FLV file can be converted to another video file format that can be played with another video player or burned to a video DVD.  With the appropriate codec installed, YouTube Downloader will convert the file, or you can do it online at the Media-Convert website.







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