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Dan's Memory (RAM) Recommendations for Windows

Not having enough RAM in your PC not only can cause Windows to run very SLOWLY, but can also be the cause of premature hardware failure.  When Windows runs out of physical memory, it uses your Hard Drive as virtual memory (which is MUCH slower than your RAM, thus the sluggishness of Windows) which significantly overworks your hard drive and often is the cause of premature hard drive failure.

Nowadays, RAM for most PCs is not very expensive and may significantly boost the speed of your PC.  Pricing will vary based on the type and capacity of the memory for your specific PC.

To save a few bucks, many manufacturers ship their new 'value' PCs with not enough memory to run Windows efficiently.  Here are my recommendations for the 'average' user and their Windows PC.*

Windows 98 - 128mb RAM

Windows Millennium Edition - 128-256mb RAM

Windows 2000 - 256mb RAM

Windows XP - 512mb RAM

Windows Vista - 2GB RAM

*These are basically my MINIMUM recommendations for Windows to run efficiently..  The more applications you keep open at once, the more RAM you should have in your PC.  If you have less than the amount of RAM you see above, I strongly recommend you add RAM to your PC.

*** CALL Discount Computer Service Today to have more RAM installed in your PC.  Typical installation cost for most PCs brought into Discount Computer Service is only $20 and can be done in a few minutes while you wait! 410-366-7300 ***

Please note that with most operating systems, having more RAM than your operating system and applications are using is simply a waste of money.  (i.e. - putting 4GB of RAM in your Windows XP machine that only runs a few applications will not perform any better than having 1GB of RAM in your PC.)






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