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Dan's Anti-Virus Application Recommendations

I always recommend that you have a good UPDATED Antivirus application on any computer where you connect to the Internet (no, that old expired antivirus program that came with your computer years ago is NOT providing you any protection).  One problem is that a lot of the commercial AntiVirus applications are very big and bloated (many versions of Norton for example is probably the biggest offender) and can significantly slow down your computer.

Here are a couple of my favorite commercial anti-virus applications, chosen for their EFFECTIVENESS in being able to stop malicious software from getting into your PC, without significantly slowing down your computer in the process:

1 - VIPRE - VIPRE Antivirus is a security application that will not slow down your computer like many others.  It has very good effectiveness and is an especially good choice for Netbooks and older PCs that lack significant memory and/or processing power.

2 - NOD32 - NOD32 AntiVirus/AntiSpyware is another good choice for very good for the detection of viruses and malware.  Most importantly, I recommend this application very often because it doesn't significantly slow your system down like most other antivirus programs do.

3 - Norton AntiVirus 2012 - The 2012 version of Norton Antivirus has been greatly improved in terms of resource utilization (not slowing down your PC so much).  Norton has historically mainitained a very high detection rate (detects more viruses than most programs do).  note - I only recommend this version of Norton for the newer Dual-core or faster PCs with plenty of extra memory.  I would NOT recommend this for your 6 year old Windows XP PC with 512mb of RAM.  I also do not necessarily recommend the larger programs such as Norton 360, etc.  This is just too much for most PCs and there are too many issues. 

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*It is very important that you un-install any old anti-virus in your PC before installing a new one.

A Good Free AntiVirus option (licensed only for home, non-commercial use):

Panda Cloud Anti-Virus  - This Free antivirus product uses the "cloud" (basically, it gets help from Panda's servers) to keep viruses off your PC.  It has been rated extremely effective for keeping viruses from entering your computer in the first place (unfortunately though, not tops at getting rid of them if they have already infested your PC).  Another good choice that will not significantly slow down your PC because it uses the "cloud" instead of downloading and consulting very large virus signature files.


If you have a Mac, no, you are NOT immune from viruses.  There are in fact viruses that will infect your Mac, but a VERY small fraction compared to Windows viruses.  Because of the high danger of getting a virus on a PC, I recommend getting one of the better commercial anti-virus applications out there.  For a Mac though, since the danger level is much lower, if you want an antivirus program I would recommend the free Sophos Anti-Virus Mac edition.  This should provide adequate protection for most Mac users.


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