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Easy to Remember, Ultra-Secure Passwords

Which is the more secure password:?




If you guessed the FIRST, you are correct!

That's right...passwords can be very secure AND easy to remember.

Here are some strategies for better passwords:

Password Padding - Symbols are your secret weapon.  As in the above example, adding a bunch of a symbols to your password is very easy to remember and creates an ultra secure password.

Include at least one upper case letter, lower case letter, number AND a symbol in your password.  Use all 4 of these and you will start with a very secure password.

Longer = Stronger.  The longer the password, the more secure it is.

Finally, a couple DON'Ts:

DON'T use "password", "1234", "123456", "letmein", "qwerty", your name, consecutive numbers, dictionary words, etc.  They are incredibly easy to guess.

DON'T use the same password for every website.  It's only as secure as the weakest website.  Websites often get hacked and if you use the same password, hackers can break into a less secure website, steal your password and use it to login to your banking or other financial website.
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