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How to Copy a Movie DVD

Standard commercial movie DVDs are copy protected and therefore standard CD/DVD copy programs will not allow you to copy them.  There are many applications that can copy Movie DVDs though.  Here is how to do it using a couple pieces of free software.

Note: The copy protection is there for a reason. Commerical movies are intellectual property and it is not legal or moral to copy them for commercial or many other purposes.

1 - Download DVDFab HD Decrypter here (just get the free version).  Install this software and it will remove the copy protection scheme from the DVD and copy the files to your hard drive.  You can copy the entire DVD or just the main movie.

2 - Now that the DVD content has been decrypted and copied to your hard drive, we have to shrink and burn it.  A typical movie DVD content is about twice the size of a normal DVD+R disc (which can hold about 4.7GB), so we have to compress it down to that size.  You can use a program called DVD Shrink* to do these two steps.  First, download the program and install it.  Then, you will click "Open Files" and choose the folder where DVDFab copied the DVD content to in the previous step.  Now, you can get rid of some of the "extras" (under the Compression tab) such as additional languages, preview trailers, etc. to save space and end up with a better quality DVD.  Then you can click the "Backup" button and create an "ISO" file to burn to a blank DVD or burn the DVD directly (if you have Nero burning software installed on the PC).  If you burn an "ISO" file, basically any CD/DVD burning software will burn these files to a DVD for you.

*The DVD Shrink software has been discontinued (version 3.2 was the latest version), but still works and can be found/downloaded from a few places on the web.  As always, be careful when searching for software to download on the Internet, as you could easily download malicious software instead of the real thing.  Here are places to download:
DVD Shrink download link 1 (After Dwan)
DVD Shrink download link 2(Softpedia)

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