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Keep your PC safe from Viruses & Spyware

Viruses and Spyware are a major risk for anyone going on the Internet today.  If you think you're safe because you don't shop online and you don't go to 'those' type of websites - you're WRONG!  Users have been infected just by visiting The New York Times website and!

Here are some steps YOU can take to make your PC about as protected as you can be (without taking more drastic steps):

1 - Create and login as a LIMITED (or Standard) user. 
Go to the Windows Control Panel - then Users.  Either change your user account to a Limited user or create a new Limited User account and USE IT!  This limits you (and the malicious software) from installing programs, making major system changes, etc.  Simply logout/login as the administrative user if and when you need to install a program or make system changes.

2 - Install a good, active, UPDATED, AntiVirus/AntiSpyware application. 
Not all anti-virus applications are created equal.  Some are suprisingly ineffective against a lot of malicious software.  Here are some of my top antivirus recommendations if you do not have one.

3 - Windows Updates and Patches. 
Turn ON the Windows Automatic updates.  Make sure your PDF, Flash, and web browser applications are updated to the latest versions with all of the latest patches.  Older versions are often exploited.

4 - Malicious Web Filtering -
Use a web filter like Web of Trust to block your browser from going to thousands of known malicious websites.

5 - Use a malicious website blocking DNS server.  ClearCloud DNS is a great, free service that automatically prevents you from being able to access known bad websites.  Whether you are browsing the web, clicking a link in an email, or another program on your PC is trying to access the Internet, these websites are checked automatically.

6 - Use an alternate web browser. 
Firefox is the most popular non-Microsoft web browser and is generally much safer than using the Internet Explorer browser.  My current favorite alternate browser is Google Chrome due to it's fast performance.

7 - Educate yourself. 
If you get to a website and it says you need to 'install a codec to view this video' or 'update your Flash Player' DO NOT CLICK on these links.  Those 'free' music, file sharing and torrent websites out there are FULL of viruses and spyware.  Don't use them.  If something doesn't look right - DON'T CLICK!

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