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ESET - Download NOD32 Here!

Most people don't really think about it, but your ROUTER may pose a significant security risk.

Studies say - most popular routers are EASY to HACK!
A SILENT attack that can do things like steal your data, spread malware, redirect your Internet surfing and more.

Here's some things you can do to make your router more secure:

Change your router's default username and password.
Some routers only let you change the password, not username.

Use WPA2 wireless security (not WEP or open/unencrypted).
and use a Long password/pass-phrase

 Change your router's IP address to be non-standard.
Foil the hacker's malicious scripts by not using the same default IP addresses most others do.

Update your router's firmware.
Just like you install Windows updates (they actually install automatically) to fix security vulnerabilities they find, router companies make updates too (unfortunately not often enough though).

Buy/use your own router instead of the standard one from the Phone/Cable company.
It's very economical for the bad guys to focus on one particular router that 'everyone' gets from the Telephone co. and find it's weaknesses.

Install a 3rd party router firmware (you have to buy a router that supports this) like OpenWRT, DD-WRT or Tomato.
Third-party router firmware is very often updated, has a lot more capabilities than your standard router's firmware and is much more secure.

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