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Send & Receive Faxes for free on the Internet

With almost everyone having an email address nowadays, sending faxes is not nearly as popular as it used to be.   Many homes and some businesses may not have a fax machine since it is not used very often by most people any more.  If you find yourself needing to send or receive a fax, and don't have a fax machine where you are, here are some online services that will allow you to send or receive that occasional fax for free!

My Fax ( - SEND a fax for free
   Easy webpage based faxing of a file (.doc, .pdf...- up to 10 pages) or text message.  Free, no registration required, fax to 41 countries.

faxZERO ( - SEND a fax for free
  Fax your document (up to 3 pages) from their website.  Maximum 2 free faxes per day (they put an ad on the cover page with a free account).

eFax Free ( - RECEIVE faxes for free
  Receive faxes (to your email) for free.  Sign up and they give you your own fax/phone number (usually not a local phone # for their free accounts).  Others can fax to this number and the fax shows up in your email.
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