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Create Microsoft Word keyboard shortcut

Here’s how to assign Edit/Paste Special to a keystroke. Choose Tools/Customize/Keyboard. Under Categories:, choose Edit. Under Commands:, scroll down to the entries that begin with EditPaste (tap the E key to get to the E items more quickly). In addition to EditPaste, there are usually six other EditPaste options, including EditPasteSpecial.

Click on EditPasteSpecial. Notice that Current Keys is empty. Click in the Press new shortcut key: box, and tap an unused key combination. Since Ctrl+V is Paste, let's use Alt+Shift+V (or another key combination of your choice). Now click Assign/Close/Close to exit the various dialog boxes. 

Now wander off elsewhere in windows and copy some formatted text to the clipboard. Arriving back in Word, press your new shortcut key. Depending on what you copied, you might have several options starting with the letter U. Tap the U key until Unformatted text is selected, then press Enter.


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